Meet Our Commercial Sales & Leasing Team

Andrew Smith Director, Commercial
John Price Commercial Industrial Sales & Leasing Director
Troy McGuinness Commercial Senior Sales & Leasing Executive
David Grimmond Commercial Sales & Leasing Executive
Paige Erntner Commercial Sales & Leasing Associate

Meet Our Commercial Property Management Team

Kym Lovett Commercial Property Manager
Emma Somerfield Commercial Property Manager

Meet Our Property Management Team

Chae Smith Business Manager
Cassie Coady Property Management Administrator
Courtney McGann Investment Property Manager
Susan Funnell Property Management Administrator
Loretta Tovo Property Manager
Lucy Hanna Leasing Consultant
Rachel Morgan Investment Property Manager
Christina Bourbous Investment Property Manager
Kirsty Hawkins Investment Property Manager
Maddison Christian Investment Property Manager

Meet Our Residential Sales Team

Terry Cooper Residential Sales Director
Betty Wark Residential Sales Director
Margaret Reynolds Residential Sales Consultant
Adrian Murray Residential Sales Consultant
Nick Haider Residential Sales Consultant
Matt Shipard Residential Sales Consultant
Kerry Henshaw Residential Sales Consultant
Alex Robinson Residential Sales Consultant
Georgie Parry Residential Business System Operator

Meet Our Strata Management Team

Tony Foreshew General Manager NSW
Jarrod Smith General Manager ACT
Tristan Veurink Senior Strata Manager
Pascal Deschanel Senior Strata Manager
Caroline Mitchell Senior Strata Manager
Diane Roenne Senior Strata Manager
Josh Jasnos Senior Strata Manager
Helena Sugar Strata Manager
Byron Butt Strata/Building Manager
John McCarthy Facilities Manager
Rachael Cahill Strata Manager
Tabitha Metherell Strata Manager
Sarah Weirauch Strata Manager
Joshua Hopper Strata Manager
Vasiliki Merkoureas Strata Manager
Michael Fennell Strata Manager
James Sheldon Strata Manager
Jakob Kobold Accounts Receivable
Taylor O'Brien Accounts Payable
Shannon Rawlings EA to Jarrod Smith & Business Development Manager
Debbie Menser Strata Administration
Garry Lee Insurance Manager
Maryse Dingle Maintenance & Compliance Senior Manager
Ciro Figaro Strata Maintenance Assistant
Tina Tang Accounts Manager
Vivian Gu Finance Manager
Anne-Maree Palasrinne Customer Service Manager

Meet Our Loan Market Team

Craig Butt Senior Finance Broker
Michael Ginis Finance Broker

Meet Our Corporate Team

Doug O'Mara Managing Director
Alice Ryan EA to Doug OMara
Kylie Harding Senior Finance Manager
Laurie O'Mara Finance Manager
Lyn Corcoran Finance Manager
Tony Zhang Finance Manager
Cathy Sanderson HR Manager
Karen Ferguson Marketing Coordinator
Paige Cameron Office Manager
Tricia McQuade Administration Projects
Kiah Grace Receptionist
Karen Neill Receptionist
Liz Tom Receptionist
Phil O'Mara Office Assistant